How to wear the normcore trend

jeans top

Normcore trend

basic jeans and shirt

Basic jeans, top and sneakers

Normcore trend

Black jeans with black converse

Normcore trend

Normcore trend is also about not to stand out from the crowd

Normcore is a new trend and terminology that describe the “normal” way of dressing. But what is normal dressing when we get bombarded with ads and glossy magazines showing the “must have “ bag or “IT” trench coat. Normcore is everyday casual wear. Think of basic jeans; combine with t-shirt, sneakers and sweatshirt. Simple basic outfits you have tons of in your closets. Wow that sounds to easy to be true. How do you look cool in your everyday wear? Normcore is about looking effortlessly chic without looking messy

Today when I put on my simple top, jeans and paired it with my converse knowing that I am wearing the normcore look I feel very trendy and fashionable but if I didn’t know of the normcore trend would I have felt the same way?

How do you like normcore?


What I wear

Jeans by Nolita

T-shirt by Massimo Dutti

Sneakers by converse

Scarf by millerostock

Beanie by millerostock


See you soon

Mille xx

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