How to shop the sales

How to shop the sales

How to shop the sales

6 shopping tips on how to shop the sales:

It’s the time of the year where sales are everywhere in almost every city and country. This year Dubai is celebrating its 20th anniversary of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) that is the largest shopping event in the Middle East. Visitors from around the globe come during the 30 days shopping sales. No matter where you go shopping here are some tips I hope you’ll find useful:

  1. Plan ahead:

Before heading out the door to be the first in line on the first day of sales do a little planning ahead of time to avoid any mistakes. Look in your closet and see for yourself what you really need.

  1. Is it a fad or keeper?

Try it on and ask yourself if you’ll wear it next season. Most of the sales items are last season items and some of them will be “so last season”

  1. Is it your right size?

I’ve made some sales mistakes myself – trust me. I’ve spotted the coolest stilettos and thought it was the right size or told myself that I’ll only be wearing the shoes at night not all day long so my feet will be ok. I kick myself for buying the beautiful 50 % off designer label stilettos to learn later that the size is too small and I can’t even wear it for more than 5 minutes.

  1. Do I really need this?

Now is where your planning list comes very handy. When you stand in the fitting room think: Do I have a similar cardigan in my wardrobe or is it on my wishing list?

  1. Wear easy clothes

When shopping the sales dress accordingly. Don’t wear an elegant shirt with loads of buttons or knee high boots you need to lace up or many layering of clothes. You got my point J Wear something easy to undress. It will save you a lot of time and sweat. It’s usually very hot in those fitting rooms.

  1. Buy basic pieces

Classic T-shirts, shirts and a good pair of jeans are all investment pieces and will last you many seasons to come if the quality is good. I always want to spur on those items during sales because they will still look good after many washes.

  1. Opportunity to invest

Sales are an opportunity to invest and here is where the fun begins. Don’t we all love a great bargain? If you are lucky to find a really amazing evening dress or a designer bag that you couldn’t afford or quite justify at a full price and know you’ll use it later I’ll say: “Go for it “

Happy shopping!  How do you shop the sales?

Mille xx

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