7 tips for How to wear the grunge fashion

How to wear the grunge trendHow to wear the grunge trendHow to wear the grunge trend

How to wear the grunge trend



7 tips for How to wear the grunge fashion

How to wear the grunge fashion can be tricky to incorporate into an outfit but at the same time also liberating. It is casual, laidback and you don’t need to style your hair because it  should look “undone” but it is important not to look like a slop.  I like to wear certain characteristic of the grunge trend into some of my outfits. I always believe in balance and to dress accordingly to your body shape and to dress accordingly to the occasions. The grunge trend is not the typical office attire but great on the weekends.

Here are some tips on how you can wear the grunge trend or get inspired to try out some of the bullet points.

  1. Studs: Wear accessories with studs. Any bracelet, bag, beanie or shoes with studs will add a little punk to your outfit.
  1. Hair: Don’t spend hours in the morning getting the perfectly styled hair because the grunge trend says your hair has to look undone. I know it can take as long to have the “undone” look but the grunge actually mean it when they say undone.
  1. Flannel shirt: I don’t normally wear my flannel shirt around my waist but for the shoot I thought why not because this is typical grunge
  2. Color: Wearing the grunge fashion is made of neutrals colours and it also makes it easier to pair your denim with leather. The flannel shirt might be red, green or blue but that’s the most color you’ll likely to see.
  3. Shoes: Choose leather boots or your sneakers
  1. Layers: You can really be creative working in layering. Wear a scarf over your leather jacket with a beanie or over your dress
  1. Outerwear: A black leather jacket has the rock chic feel over it and is a great ensemble to your grunge look but if you don’t have a leather jacket or if it’s too warm to wear find a cardigan or scarf to through over your shoulder effortlessly

How do you like to wear the grunge?

What I wear:

Leather shorts by Style butler

T-shirt by Enja Costa

Cardigan by millerostock coming soon online

Turban by millerostock

Boots by Pretty fit





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