6 rules for wearing all black

Mix texture and materials

Mix texture and materials

how to wear all black

add colourful bracelets

How to wear all black

Add a colourful scarf

How to wear all blackhow to wear all blackhow to wear all black

Wearing all black is very fascinating to me and women tend to have all sorts of reasons why they are wearing black or why they like black so much. You either love it and feel most comfortable and always go for the black handbag, scarf or dress or you hate the color because it will add years to your face (who wants that) or you simply dislike black. Btw black is not a color because it absorbs al the visible frequencies of light therefore it is not on the color wheel. When you add black to any color it changes the tone and not the hue.

My experience from designing 2-4 collections a year for the past 9 years is that black sell more than any other color. It is easy to style, it goes well with other colors, the look is elegant and it doesn’t go out of fashion.

In my outfit today I have mixed denim, silk, leather, jersey and cotton together.

To assist your all black ensemble is chic and fashionable I’ve made some tips for you here:

6 rules for wearing all black and not looking boring

  1. Mix fabric and textures to give it an interesting look. It will otherwise quickly be boring if wearing all cotton.
  2. The beauty of black it’s slimming. If you have some areas e.g. arms, belly or thighs it can look smaller than if you are wearing white.
  3. Add colorful accessories to your all black outfit. A bright scarf, bag or shoes will give the whole outfit an attractive look
  4. Black goes well with other blacks, which are a big plus compare to other colors. It is defiantly more difficult to wear many shades of reds in the same outfit
  5. Wear more make-up. Add a bright red lipstick or eye shadows to add color to your face.
  6. When wearing all black makes sure the fit is right otherwise visit a tailor. It will make a big difference to your silhouette.

What I wear:

Jeans by Nolita

Silk shirt by Equipment

Leather Blouse Banana Republic

Scarf by millerostock

Turban by millerostock

Shoes by Nine West

What do you think of wearing all black?

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Mille xx


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