How to dress for an iftar dinner

How to dress for an iftar dinner

how to dress for an iftar dinner partyHow to dress for an Iftar dinner partyHow to dress for an Iftar dinner partyDubai opera turned into a banquet hallFood waiting to be served at Dubai OperaDubai Opera banquet hall

During Ramadan, the iftar is the meal served at sunset each day. Hotels and restaurants have special iftar dinners and families get together with friends to break their fast. Since it’s a religious experience I believe it is important to follow a few rules on how to dress for an iftar dinner. Here are my attire rules to obey:

Out of respect, it would be advisable to dress modestly. Wear loose, non-revealing or see through clothes. Dress up with long sleeves paired with long skirt or trousers. Bring a blazer with you if your tops sleeves are too short to cover up. No tanks tops or skirts with hemlines above the knees are acceptable to dress for an iftar dinner.

I attended an iftar dinner party at the newly opened Dubai Opera. The modern yet sophisticated venue had transformed the opera house into a banquet hall and I must say it was beautifully done. I was sitting where the stage usually is located looking out at a completely different room where all the seats were removed and the floor was covered with a nice pattern carpet. During the meal, 3 ladies played live music on a little platform in the middle of the hall.

When breaking the fast it is common to eat dates with a glass of milk, water or Arabic coffee before heading to the buffet. Generally speaking, you don’t sit around for hours and talk after you have finished your meal. I remember my first iftar dinner thinking the guest are leaving too early but that is the norm. After dessert with coffee and tea, it is time to thank your host and say goodbye to the guests.

There is still time to enjoy more Iftar dinners before Ramadan ends very soon. Bon appetit

Blouse   Philip Lim | Skirt  Gat Rimon  | Shoes  Chanel

P.S. The reason I’m only wearing one shoe is that I fractured my toe being very clumsy and therefore can’t wear any shoe on my right foot

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