Review The Middle East biggest Spa

Beauty Connection spa

Entrance to Beauty Connection Spa

Day connection spa

Services and price list are listed on this screen

Nail spa

The nails station

Nail polishes

Loads of nail varnished to choose from

Vending machine

The vending machine in the spa area


The end result

I entered the Beauty Connection Spa with a curious mindset knowing it is the biggest spa in the Middle East with 30,000 square meters all on one level. Each department features individual treatment pavilions so that the customer can enjoy complete privacy and personal service, in their own time. Since I’m always on the go and busy I love the idea that you don’t have to make any appointments and they guarantee no waiting for any technician should ever exceed 10 minutes.

There are six sections each of them color coded and linked by tubes designed on the ceiling of the spa to act as a map around the space (just in case you don’t get lost J) That’s how big the spa is. When you enter the lobby you follow the colour tube that takes you the desired location. First I felt I was visiting Herlev Hospital in Denmark because they have the same color coded stripes but on the floor instead of the ceiling J

The services they offer is Nail, Hair, Wax, Hammam, i-Brows, and Facial.

Each department has a series of vending machines (the first of it’s kind in the region) containing products for that space (hair, waxing, nails etc) and after you book your service the vending machine helps you to receive the products. All the fresh tools being used are yours to take home if you wish.

I tried their brow- , hair and nail station and I was very satisfied with the results so I would defiantly go back again. Other plusses I need to mention is the spa is conveniently located, you don’t need to make an appointment, parking is easy and you can eat lunch in their café as well or grab a coffee chat with your girlfriend’s in-between your treatments. Now I have no excuse for not having beautiful nails, brows, hair or glowing skin the next time you see me.

You can find Beauty Connection Spa on Sheikh Zayed Road, its flagship salon, in Eiffel Tower 2, in the same building as Lime tree café on the second floor.

What do you prefer when choosing a salon?

What I wear:

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Shoes by Aldo

Turban by millerostock 

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