How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differently

How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differently

I’m a people watcher and I’ve always been that way since I was a little girl. I still enjoy every minute observing how women dress and carry themselves no matter where I’m traveling or living.

Over the last 10 years I’ve moved back and forth between Copenhagen and Dubai then my personal style has differently evolved and adapted both places. In my early days in Dubai I really enjoyed getting dressed because there is no limit and I was not used to that mindset coming from north of Europe and laid back California. You can never get overdressed in Dubai but defiantly not wear accordingly (I’ve tried that several times). Women really make an effort to look their best but sometimes also too hard in my opinion. One the other hand I truly love the scandinavian clean lines and minimalistic way of dressing.

I’ve put down some of my observations of how Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differently:

Colors: Danes only wear black and it is true if you ask a turist. 90 % of the population wear something black year round or something dark as navy or brown. In Dubai there is so many colors, prints and a mix of bold color combinations. Women are not afraid of wearing a range of colors.

How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differently

How danes and dubai'ans dress differently










Accessories: In Dubai the bag is an important accessory. How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differentlyThe bags you carry are something women are proud to flash and you see women with the newest Gucci, Hermes or other luxury brands as a norm.



In Denmark the scarf is a must have. You almost feel naked not wearing one waking downtown Copenhagen. Scarves are worn year round to their outerwear but as well as an indoor addition.How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differently

Shoes: In Denmark women bike or walk to work, between meetings and nursery pick-ups etc. and comfortable shoes is a must. Sneakers and loafers get paired with dresses and pants where in Dubai heels are seen from early morning to late hours in the malls or even grocery shopping. Bike lanes are really non-exiting in Dubai and the city does not have cobblestone streets as they do in Denmark so stilettos are therefore easier to maintain.How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differently






How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differentlyBeauty: As far as beauty goes the Danes wear minimal makeup and simple hairstyles. You see a lot of buns or ponytails on the streets and it’s even trendy when your hair is looking a bit messy as if you just woke up. In Dubai blow dry salons are on many street corners and women wear full make up with eyelash extensions and red lipsticks as their daily routine. Perfectly manicured colored nails are as common as wearing mascara.How Danes and Dubai’ans dress so differently







I think one major factor why the way women dress so differently in these 2 cities is due to seasonality. The Danish weather can go from sunny to rainy to windy and cloudy within a few hours so layering is for sure your best option.

I also think the cultural influences has a major impact. In Denmark minimalistic in colors, shapes and accessories is a way of dressing. In Dubai with more than 200 nationalities you get a huge mix of personal styling and therefore there is not a trend there is trendier or more popular than another. In Denmark it is easier to observe what trend is fashionable just walking downtown Copenhagen.

I travel back and forth to these cities and I still find them fascinating observing fashion trends and street style looks while drinking my cappuccino; watching women strolling by.

Mille xx

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  • Holly
    November 12, 2015

    Love it. Even though I’m an American living in Dubai for 14 years, I think I dress more like a Dane. More into scarves and jackets rather than handbags. Also, I prefer solid muted colors. Yes, I’m Danish.

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