About me:

My name is Mille Rostock and I’m so grateful that you stopped by my personal style blog.

I grew up in Denmark, lived in California for over a decade and today I reside in Dubai. You’ll see that my style

is a mix of the above. Scandinavian minimalist, mixed with laid back L.A, combined with a touch of glam Dubai.

Style to me is all about having fun no matter age, shape or size.

The outfits I suggest for daily wear and different occasions are just suggestions. I truly believe that authentic style

comes from within and you must always remain true to yourself.

It’s no secret that I love scarves and accessories in general. When I’m not blogging I love to sit in on the floor in

the office with fabrics spread out and develop new ideas. You can see some of my creations

here www.millerostock.com

Again thank you for stopping by and welcome to my personal blog” Wear about Style”

I hope you’ll be inspired.

Until then


P.S. Below is a bullet list of personal facts about me if you want to know more:

  • I bought my first sewing machine when I was 13 and later designed my prom dress
  • I’m married to Janus and a mother of 2 girls
  • I take my coffee very seriously 🙂
  • My vice is chocolate and desserts
  • I’m a certified aerobics teacher but haven’t taught for years but my interest in fitness and health is still going strong.
  • I love traveling and explore new cultures, designs, and architecture
  • I care a lot about the environment and try my best on a daily basis to reuse, reduce & recycle (just ask my girls)